Second International Conference on
Villa Monastero, Varenna (Lc), Italy
August 27 - September 1, 2001



Organized by:

Istituto di Fisica del Plasma "P. Caldirola",
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
via R. Cozzi, 53 - 20125 Milano, Italy

in collaboration with:

"Piero Caldirola" International Center for the promotion of Science
and International School of Plasma Physics

Scientific Organizing Committee:
F. Amiranoff LULI, Palaiseau, France  
C. Barty LLNL, Livermore, USA
T. Brabec Un. Vienna, Vienna, Austria
M. Campbell General Atomic, San Diego, USA
V. M. Gordienko Moscow State Un., Moscow, Russia
M. H. R. Hutchinson Imperial College, London, U.K.
Y. Kato JAERI, Kansai, Japan
M. Lontano C.N.R., Milan, Italy Scientific Secretary
G. Mourou Un. Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA Co-Chairman
A. Mysyrowicz LOA, Palaiseau, France
F. Pegoraro Un. Pisa, Pisa, Italy
B. Remington LLNL, Livermore, USA
I. N. Ross Rutherford Applton Lab., Chilton Didcot, UK
R. Sauerbrey Un. Jena, Jena, Germany
A. M. Sergeev Russian Acad. Sciences, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
O. Svelto Polytechnic of Milan, Milan, Italy Co-Chairman
T. Tajima  Un. Texas, Austin, & LLNL,Livermore, USA Co-Chairman
H. Takuma  Institute for Laser Science, UEC, Japan
D. von der Linde  Un. Essen, Essen, Germany


Local Organizing Committee:
D.Farina M. Lontano C. Allocchio
Tel : ++39 02 66173 232 Tel : ++39 02 66173 260 (Administrative Secretary)

e-mail:      Fax: ++39 02 66173 239

Please e-mail or fax the registration form by June 15, 2001, to the Local Organizing Committee.

On-site Secretariat:
Mrs. D. Pifferetti Tel./Fax: ++39 0341 732490 email:

Please e-mail or fax the accommodation form by June 15, 2001, to Mrs. D. Pifferetti.

For informations about Varenna visit:

Deadlines for registration
Preliminary registration: 30 March 2001
Final registration: 15 June 2001
Hotel Accomodation 15 June 2001
Abstracts submission: 15 June 2001
Delivery of the manuscript 27 August 2001


Registration Fee
The Registration Fee of Lit. 700.000 (including VAT) should be made payble by June 15, 2001, to:
C.N.R. "Incassi giornalieri da altre dipendenze"
with reference to:
"TIT 108 CNR-IFP-(Mi), The 2nd International Conference on Superstrong Fields in Plasmas",
by bank transfer to B.N.L., Ag.n.6392, Roma, ABI 01005 - CAB 03392 account n.218155.

Please make sure that CNR will get the exact amount, without charging it the bank fees.

The fee covers admission to the conference, a copy of the Proceedings, coffee breaks, the conference dinner, and the social events.
After the fee will have been paid, no cancellation will be possible.


Contributed Papers

In addition to the invited papers, poster contributions and a limited number of oral presentations will be selected on the basis of a one-page abstract. The abstracts should be sent by June 15, 2001 to:
M. Lontano
e-mail:      Fax: ++39 02 66173 239
E-mail submission of pdf or postscript files is preferred.


Poster Session

A poster session is planned for Friday, August 31th. Poster boards are 2 m wide and 1 m high.


Conference Proceedings

The Proceedings of the Conference will be published by the American Institute of Physics in the Conference Proceedings Series. The instruction booklet as well as Microsoft Word templates and LaTeX classes are available at American Institute of Physics website at They can be downloaded and will aid the authors in the preparation of their papers in camera-ready form. Please be sure to select all templates and instructions for the correct format, which is the 6 x 9 inch format. A maximum of 12 pages is allocated for each Invited Paper, while 6 pages for each Contributed  Paper. Each paper must be submitted together with a signed Transfer of Copyright form. The other two forms should be used as necessary.
The original manuscript plus one copy and the relevant AIP forms should be hand over to Mrs. Pifferetti at the Registration Desk, on August 27th, 2001.


Downloadable forms:
Conference Poster: PDF
Registration form: PDF or TEXT
Hotel Accomodation Form: PDF or TEXT
List of Hotels and prices: PDF
AIP Manuscript Preparation guide: PDF
AIP Transfer of Copyright form : PDF
AIP Offprint/Reprint Order form: PDF
AIP Permission Request form: PDF

Purpose of the Conference:

Over the past few years, laser intensities have dramatically increased.
Today, relatively compact laser systems can produce on target intensities in the 1021 W/cm2, that is four to five orders of magnitude greater than was previously possible. In the next few years it is predicted that the available intensities will be increased by two to three orders of magnitude. This revolution in laser intensities gives access to new physical parameter regimes of the electromagnetic field impossible to access before in a terrestrial laboratory.
Entirely new nonlinear optical phenomena are expected, with applications in a broad area of science and technology including ultrafast x-ray and gamma-ray as well as electron and ion sources, time-resolved diffraction and spectroscopy of ultrafast chemical, biological and physical reactions, novel fusion concepts and plasma astrophysics.

This second edition of the Conference, the first one being held in 1997, intends to pursue in its aims of an highly specialized venue of discussion of the most recent theoretical and experimental results on the interaction of ultrastrong fields with ionized matter. It will also represent an opportunity to leave space for new ideas in this quickly evolving research field and to gather together scientists with different backgrounds in order to effectively tackle the interdisciplinary aspects of the matter.

  1. Fundamental atomic and plasma processes and nonlinear phenomena in the presence of ultra-intense fields.
  2. Relativistic nonlinear optics of ultra-short laser pulses in plasmas.
  3. Solid density plasmas, cluster plasmas, fast ions and nuclear physics with intense lasers.
  4. Applications of ultra-intense fields: intense X-ray sources, plasma-based accelerators, inertial confinement fusion.
  5. Applications of superstrong lasers in laboratory Astrophysics.
  6. Lasers for ultrahigh intensity physics.

In the course of the Conference a Forum on Strong Lasers in High Energy Physics will be organized. It will consist of few short topical presentations focused on superstrong lasers and their enabling novel applications to the frontiers of high energy physics and high energy accelerator physics. An open discussion will follow.

Scientific Programme of the Conference

List of the invited speakers